Despierta magazine - web app, logotype

Despierta magazine is an online magazine characterized by a publishing and cultural parallel to the conventional line. It provides readers with news and interesting articles about lifestyle, knowledge and awareness. We wanted to represent this kind of concepts with a clear, close image, and to transmit confidence. Often skepticism is conditioned by the first visual contact we have with new formats and new ways of seeing the world and life.

Therefore, we have done work of branding based on simplicity and transparency, with a high and sincere logo, accompanied by a small symbol that helps to understand the deeper meaning of Despierta magazine.

The visual identity is composed of a clear and direct photographic style and a powerful and sincere typographic style, binomial which is graphic and visual identity of the items present in the online magazine. Work continues with the creation of responsive website, a simple and well organized structure that provides an elegant, simple, and easy to read, therefore; intuitive and pleasing editorial style.

Hierarchies of texts and articles that define the issues of the magazine, lead the visitor to a pleasant, well-organized reading. The website has been designed to fit to any devices, tablet and mobile, it’s a responsive website.

Web design – visual identity – logotype

Despierta magazine - web app, logotypeDespierta magazine - web app, logotypeDespierta magazine - web app, logotypeDespierta magazine - web app, logotype