Domini Veneti - Label Design

First Prize – Wine Mythology Label Contest

A label for a bottle of Domini Veneti Amarone della Valpolicella (Valpolicella Classico vigneti di Jago): a wine with an Italian history, narrated through the Greek tale of Ulysses.

Code announces the competition in November 2016, we accepts the challenge by submitting the winning design, out of more than 700 studios competing on an international scale.

The Odyssey in a glass

The topic we chose for this label is that of the journey, a voluntary conquest of distances. Ulysses’ journey and his yearning for home bring him even closer to his native island. While his prevailing will is to return to Ithaca, he faces his experiences in foreign lands with shrewdness and curiosity, taking great risks to quench his thirst for knowledge.

We would like to lead the customer through a similar journey, in a convivial manner.

This label represents the stage on which the Odyssey is set. It is to be read from top to bottom, and every layer depicts a stage of Ulysses’ journey, from the Ciconians to his return home. The various layers are of depth proportional to the length of each adventure (short, medium and long – we based our measurements on the Fibonacci sequence, using 5mm as the standard unit) and are designed using a colour scale which spans through 12 levels of intensity, starting at 100%.

The label therefore serves as a wine tasting itinerary, which carries the customer through a journey of which they are the protagonist. And where does the trip take them? At the end of their travels, the taster finds the word ‘dimora’ (dwelling), which is to remind them of their homeland.

Domini Veneti - Label DesignDomini Veneti - Label DesignDomini Veneti - Label Design