slum - visual identity

The decision to present our logo black on black background could be risky, but no, quite the contrary; the real distinction is in the curiosity aroused in the receiver, in search of something that apparently seems to be “nothing”.

This creates an experiential value that conveys perfectly the conceptual and creative quality we offer as professionals. We can define the development of our visual identity as the culmination of an ideological process.

Sobriety and simplicity are the basis of our philosophy; we believe and respect the importance of the work process that that begins with the natural form of capturing the essence of the project and then reach the objectives through the conceptualization of an idea. We add new concepts to find the final solution, which breaks down to achieve maximum results with minimum possible elements.

Uniqueness, cultural value and commercial strength give slum projects needed to distinguish easily the expertise.

Visual identity – branding – logotype

slum - visual identityslum - visual identityslum - visual identityslum - visual identity