Salan - wine

Salan 2012 is composed of the new wine blend of four grape varieties. The mixture is the result from a maturation process, selection and tasting. At each stage of this evolution they are constantly checked various factors such as humidity and ambient temperature; and thanks to the experience and creativity ethnological, this wine have acquired a great personality.

To represent the working process and the ongoing commitment of these vintners, we focused on processing areas. We understand that the wine needs quiet and rest and we have realized that these features were present in the small cellar where the bottles were stored. Many different bottles rested on a shelf, one above each other, and often not aligned.

The wine label displays with fine and simple lines that shelf. Elements present as the name, the type of grape, the production area and the year have been calibrated to be understood quickly. The choice of typeface and style of this packaging conveys quality and sobriety, and make the same set of forms found in the small winery where the wine is aged.

Wine label – packaging – graphic design

Salan - wineSalan - wineSalan - wine