Slum design studio

Slum is a qualified design, communication and web design studio based in Florence. We work for local, national and international customers based in several countries, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, China and United Kingdom. Directed by Niccolò Galimberti, senior designer with 10 years of experience and graduated from the University of Northumbria (UK).

We like to work with those who have the courage and the desire to distinguish from the others, with those who prefer the ideas and diversity to the banality, with those who appreciate our imagination, creativity and flexibility, with those values, understands and invests heavily in our professionalism and in our work process.

For each project we follow a specific methodology developed in two phases; the first, in which we make a more introspective and thought work, and the second followed a rhythm of work consisting of: Idea – process – form.

For us, communication is the basis of all relationships, therefore we like to speak with clarity, precision and sincerity.

We charge by the ideas we bring from our experience and the quality of our projects.

Specialized in communication, brand identity, graphic design and web.

Slum Academy – Certificazione ISO 9001:2005
Il nostro modus operandi prevede sempre un laboratorio digitale di accompagnamento per generare consapevolezza ed essere in grado di creare una strategia adeguata all’azienda.
La formazione permette di fare una auto-valutazione delle competenze ed utilizzare meglio cosa viene acquistato.
Il valore percepito dai clienti è la personalizzazione e la propedeuticità del percorso alla digitalizzazione dell’azienda.
Nell’adeguare il proprio sistema di gestione per la qualità ai requisiti della norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, abbiamo messo alla base della nostra organizzazione i principi della norma.
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• Carta dei servizi
• Politica della qualità
mod 02 Catalogo Oferta Formativa
mod 03 Carta dei Servizi
mod 04 Politica della Qualità


Strategic Consulting business communication – Event Planning – Marketing – Social Media – SEO Strategy

Brand Identity
Naming – Logo – visual identity systems – Branding

Graphic Design
Graphics / Publishing Design / Packaging / Labeling products / Creative Illustration

Websites / E-commerce / App Design

The quality and uniqueness of our work is also derived from the choice of better equipment, taking into account specific needs of each project, we collaborate with various social professionals media marketing, seo positioning, web programming and applications, journalism, writing content and photography.


The value of the difference
We differ thanks to the dynamism of the people who work and collaborate with us

we combine design, art and marketing to create commercially viable projects through their individuality and creativity.

The ideas, the process and provide an artistic way. Analysis and strategy determine a commercially viable project.

We find the balance between the artistic and business side and help customers create the appropriate setting for your project.